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Top Environmental Friendly Products for Earth Day 2017

//Top Environmental Friendly Products for Earth Day 2017

Nothing Says Earth Day Like Environmental Friendly Promo Products!

April 22 – Earth Day! Nothing says “Happy Earth Day” more than custom-branded environmental friendly promo products at your marketing event! If you’re business is all about giving back to the Earth, make sure your promotional products replicate that! Support the Earth and Mother Nature on April 22 with these Top Environmental Friendly Products for Earth Day 2017.

Biodegradable Promo Products

Being biodegradable simply means that an item can break down into its natural materials without causing any harm to the environment. Holden Promos has a wide variety of biodegradable and environmental friendly products for you to choose from! From bamboo pens, to natural fiber beach mats, we have it all. Your customers will be loving these items this Earth Day!

Organic Promo Products

Being organic is all the craze right now, and we understand why! Some of our favorite organic and environmental friendly products are our reusable bags. We see more and more businesses transitioning over from using plastic bags, to using our organic reusable bags! One of our favorite organic, reusable totes is the 6 oz. Organic Cotton Essential Carry-All Tote – a great alternative to plastic bags!

Recycled Products

Holden Promos has so many recycled promotional products we don’t even know where to begin! If you or your customers love to write, draw or doodle, an environmental friendly and recycled notebook is perfect for you! Made with recycled materials and covered in your logo, this promo product is sure to be a hit. Better yet, how about a notebook you can reuse over and over again!

These environmental friendly promo products will be perfect for your next tradeshow or marketing event on Earth Day! Speak to one of our team members and request a FREE quote today! Call us at (800) 605-3905 or fill out the form below.