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Top 4 Hottest Trending Tech Items in 2017

//Top 4 Hottest Trending Tech Items in 2017

Stand out from the crowd with the hottest trending tech items of 2017!

Pens, Frisbees, keychains… A lot of promotional products are overdone, and now boring to the average consumer. The best way to spice things up, and get people talking about your customized branded products is to modernize your promotional products to trending tech items! Too many companies in today’s world are using boring promotional products – stand out from the crowd and get noticed with the hottest trending tech items the industry has to offer! Here’s Holden’s guide to the Top 4 Hottest Trending Tech Items in 2017.

1. Venezia™ Smartphone Wallet

Smartphone wallets are all the craze right now and definitely one of the hottest trending tech items! The two things you carry around the most – your phone and wallet – are now combined into one! Bring this to a tradeshow, and everyone there will be at your booth. The Venezia™ Smartphone Wallet is a leatherette pocket with a removable adhesive back for placement on any smartphone or mobile device. Conveniently stash your cards into the pocket on the back of your phone!

2. USB Flex Light 4 Port USB Hub

We love this awesome tech product! It’s so simple, yet so creative, and everyone can use it. This device can function in home, in the office, or wherever you bring your computer. Not only is the nifty little device a white LED light, but it’s also a four-port USB, and you can use all four USB ports at once, and no batteries are required! The USB Flex Light 4 Port USB Hub comes in black, blue and white.

3. Tuscany™ Cellphone Holder

This is one of our favorite trending tech items yet! This two-piece wooden phone stand is so simple, and consumers love it! Not only can it be used every day at home or in the office, but every time the consumer uses it, they’ll see your branded image, making a lasting impression. Use it so you can watch videos on your phone hands-free, or use it during a video conference call with your team, making it easier for you to take notes instead of holding your phone. The Tuscany™ Cellphone Holder comes in black, navy and tan.

4. Aluminum 4 Port USB Hub with Phone Stand

The Aluminum 4 Port USB Hub with Phone Stand is one of everyone’s favorite trending tech items of 2017. With festival and event season right around the corner, everyone is looking for ways to keep their phone charged throughout the day – the Aluminum 4 Port USB Hub with Phone Stand is exactly what they’re looking for. This trending tech item is a four-port (all ports can be used at once), USB hub with a sleek aluminum top panel and phone stand. This device is perfect for consumers to carry if they’re out and about, and the best part is your brand will be seen by everyone! Colors come in black, blue and silver.

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