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The Foolproof Guide to Building a Strong Brand Identity

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In order to have a strong brand identity, your mission should be clear and easy to recognize. It is one of the most valuable aspects of your business because it’s what separates you from your competitors, and grabs your customers’ attention. Your brand identity should be well thought out and carefully crafted to ensure it properly represents your business. Here’s Holden Promos guide to building a strong brand identity.

What Is a Brand Identity?

It can be confusing knowing exactly what a brand identity is; Is it your logo? Is it your tagline? Is it your color scheme? It’s a representation of all of those things, and your business’ goods or service that separates you from your competitors.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important steps in building your brand identity is to identify your target audience, including customers, employees, partners and even your competitors. It’s important you’re not too broad when identifying your target audience. Think of their unique wants and needs when building your brand, so that you have a message that speaks directly to them.

What Are Your Goals?

Building a brand identity without knowing your goals is like trying to nail an egg to a wall. You have to know what your goals are before you can reach them. Sit down with your team and discuss what your business’ short-term and long-term goals are. This way you’ll have a better understanding on how your brand can help you reach your goals.

Building Your Brand Identity

Now that you know your target audience and have determined what your goals are, you can begin building your brand identity and your key message.

Things to Keep in Mind While Building Your Brand

  • Make it easily recognizable
  • Make sure it’s memorable with a visual impact
  • Make sure it properly represents your business’ character and personality

Promoting Your Brand

High five – you’ve now developed a strong brand! Now it’s time to start promoting it. Promotional products are a great way for your brand to reach its full awesome-ness potential! Promo products are a great way to get your brand and logo out there to your potential clients/customers. No matter what your business is, there’s a promotional product for you in every category, color and style imaginable.

If you’re looking for top-quality promotional products, Holden Promos is the team for you. Holden promos can help you choose from hundreds of awesome products to help build your brand empire. Call (800) 605-3905 to speak with a promotional product specialist today!

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