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How to Rock Event Marketing ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

//How to Rock Event Marketing ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Event Professionals: Tips on Increasing Your Event Marketing ROI

B2B enterprises that utilize marketing and event automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, with marketing and event automation in sync, capturing rich attendee data has never been easier. Once that data has been captured, marketers can send triggered email campaigns or notifications to their CRM system to alert sales teams to follow-up with prospects based on attendee behavior and interest level.

With event and marketing automation, the process of targeting highly qualified prospects has been automated for you.

Looking to find out how you can leverage event and marketing automation for high-converting events? Here are some important takeaways from Certain’s infographic Events: Rock Bottom to Rocking ROI.

Leverage Event and Marketing Automation

By integrating event automation and marketing automation, marketers accelerate the buyer’s journey. With the data collected by form fields during registration, engagement scoring during the event, and polling data, marketers can use attendee data throughout the entire event lifecycle. Syncing these two systems also saves valuable time and results in increased qualified leads and greater ROI.

Marketers can use event apps to collect rich attendee data, such as what sessions or booths prospects have attended. According to Marketing Charts“88% of event attendees said that access to meeting or event schedules in an event app is important.” Not only does using an event app give marketers valuable data on their attendees and potential prospects, but it also gives attendees access to the information that they’re looking for, delivering a more organized and enjoyable event.

Increase Attendee Engagement at Events

According to Conference Compass, “An event app enables interaction. Not only are attendees kept up-to-date, but they can also use it to create a personal schedule, sync this across multiple devices, and get notified when a presentation is about to start. Attendees can participate in live questionnaires and give feedback to presenters through the app, increasing engagement and interest.”

Making use of an event app is imperative in creating an engaging environment that peaks attendees’ interest. With event apps, you give your attendees the ability to create personal schedules, and stay up-to-date on what is happening during your event, which makes for an improved attendee experience. Happier and more engaged attendees results in an even more successful event, with greater ROI.

Because the world of event marketing is changing, marketers need to use innovative technologies such as event apps and event automation to streamline the event marketing workflow and to enhance the attendee experience.

For more information on how to leverage marketing and event automation technology, check out the full infographic from Certain below to learn how events are changing and how you can stay ahead of the curve!