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Going Green: Becoming a Paperless Office at Holden Brand

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Going Green

First, let us say that this is nothing new. It’s just a reminder to those interested in finding sources for products that promote their brand. As we cleared out our 2013 catalog filing cabinets, it was just a pleasant and messy reminder.

Catalogs used to be best place to look when sourcing for promotional products. That was before the Internet became so versatile. Instead of waiting 3 days to get a catalog in the mail and searching through it to find what you want to order, you can now simply get a link emailed to you to locate our online catalog. Not only is this faster, more cost effective, and generally far easier for today’s businesses, it is a great way to reduce wasted paper.

Becoming a Paperless Office at Holden Brand

Becoming a paperless office isn’t easy, but it’s important to us over at Holden Brand. Our online catalogs allow you to search for products and narrow results to easily find what you are looking for. Paper catalogs force you to use the index, then search through multiple pages. Even then, you are likely to find there are similar products that would fit your needs in a different section. Our online catalogs can be searched quickly and easily to find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

With over 600,000 products online, we have made the jump to be more user friendly and utilize the online catalogs that are available to us, and send them to you. Of course, we will continue to provide paper catalogs, but we encourage you to take a look into our online catalog. We believe it will serve all of us well.