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Most Creative SXSW Swag Ideas

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Everyone loves FREE SXSW swag, but will yours stand out from the rest?

South by Southwest: One of the nation’s most popular annual film, interactive media, and music festivals. Celebrities and fans alike travel from all over the world to celebrate the convergence of the film, music and gaming industries, making SXSW the premier destination to market your brand. Thousands of other businesses will be marketing their brand at SXSW; Holden is here to make sure your SXSW swag will stand out from the rest. Here’s our list of the most creative SXSW swag and brand marketing ideas that will be sure to grab the attention of event goers.

Make Your SXSW Swag Something People Want

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but many times companies tend to look this over. Put yourself in the event attendees’ shoes: If this item was your SXSW swag bag, would it catch your attention, or would you just throw it away without giving it a second look? Chances are, if you wouldn’t use it, neither will they. Everyone loves free stuff; you just have to make sure your swag bags stand out from all the rest. We have thousands of unique products that will have everyone talking about your swag bag at SXSW. Some of our favorite swag items are our hooded jackets, fingernail peel and stick tattoo sheets, fanny packs  and mini Bluetooth speakers.

Our favorite creative product is the custom-branded Rocketbook Wave: the world’s first intelligent reusable notebook that provides the freedom of a traditional pen & paper notebook, while instantly transferring your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. Oh yeah, did we mention you can erase your notes using your microwave and reuse the notebook? Mind. Blown.

Rocketbook Wave - The Most Creative Product for SXSW Swag Bags

Custom-Branded Rocketbook Wave – Put Your Logo Where Everyone Will See It

Make it Eco-Friendly

So many people are becoming environmentally friendly, especially in Austin, which means that any eco-friendly products you throw in your SXSW swag bag will most likely be a hit. The good news? At Holden, we provide a full-range of environmentally products and materials, including natural fiber beach mats, colored cotton canvas tote bags and sustainable bamboo picture frames. Don’t forget about the Rocketbook Wave we mentioned above. Nothing says sustainable and eco-friendly like a reusable notebook!Eco-Friendly Totes - Creative Products for SXSW Swag Bags

Creative Apparel Goes a Long Way

Custom-Branded T-Shirts - Creative Products for SXSW Swag Bags

If you’re on a tight budget for your SXSW swag bag, apparel might be the perfect choice for you, especially if you seed out your biggest supporters. Instead of buying a couple hundred small items, buy 50-100 T-Shirts and give them out to good friends and supporters who promise to wear the shirt at least one day of the festival. This way, your business will get the exposure you want, the items will get good use, and you won’t go over your budget. It’s simple, yet effective. Don’t forget that pop culture is your friend too! Incorporate funny and relevant pop culture quotes in your branded merchandise, and everyone will be wanting it.

Swag is an awesome way to get your brand’s message across, but you have to be careful not to make your company’s marketing treasure someone else’s trash. The experienced and creative staff can help you come up with the perfect promotional products to put in your SXSW swag bag.

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